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Solidarités International (SI)

Solidarités International (SI) is a French humanitarian organisation operating for over 35 years who is committed to providing aid in the event of conflict and natural disasters. Our mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs:  water, food and shelter.

SI has started activities in North-eastern Nigeria in August 2016 in the fields of Wash and is now intervening in 4 areas of the state for Wash and Shelter activities.

WASH Advisor, Assistant

Job Type: Contract Full Time
Qualification: BA/BSc/HND
Experience: 2 years
Location: Maiduguri, (Borno State) with movements inside the state

Probationary Period: 1 month

Contract Duration: 6 months, subject to renewal upon available donor funding.


The WASH Technical Assistant WASH Technical Assistant backs up the WASH Advisor in supporting the mission to achieve the intended operational results (linked to electro-mechanical components).

In particular, he/she helps in ensuring the quality of implemented projects through reporting follow up,  context monitoring, lessons learned and knowledge management, tools development and trainings.

The WASH Technical Assistant takes part to the development and implementation of Solidarités International technical strategy in the country.


Project quality

  • To help in ensuring the quality of WASH (electrical & mechanical components) projects through reporting follow up context monitoring, lessons learned and knowledge management, tools development and trainings
  • To work closely with the program managers, field officers and the WASH advisor in coordinating information exchange and timely support
  • Collect information from the bases and assist in the quality analysis of the activities carried out with the WASH advisor
  • Suggest new tasks/projects as regards organizational strategy and proficient analysis of the situation (contribute to annual scheduling) to WASH advisor

Technical support and operational monitoring


  • Together with the WASH advisor and support from MEAL Advisor & Deputy Country Director (in charge of program), set objectives and specific and general indicators in order to assess and monitor the impact of the programs and to reshape them if necessary
  • Conduct assessments and/or collect hydrological, structural, electrical, and related data/site information to design the electrical and mechanical components of the solar power systems.


  • Design or coordinate design for the electrical and mechanical features [photovoltaic (PV) panels, pumps, generator etc.] including system components, for the solar powered water supply systems (boreholes).
  • Create electrical single-line diagrams, panel schedules or connection diagrams for solar electric systems using computer-aided design software.
  • Create plans for solar energy system development, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
  • Develop design specifications and functional requirements for solar energy systems or components.
  • Perform computer simulation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system performance or energy production to optimize efficiency.

Implementation and monitoring

  • Provide technical direction or support to installation teams during installation, start-up, testing, system commissioning, or performance monitoring.
  • Develop standard operation procedures and quality or safety standards for solar installation work.
  • Create checklists for review or inspection/monitoring of ongoing and completed solar installation projects.
  • Support the team in terms of supervision of installers, technicians and subcontractors for solar installation projects to ensure compliance with designs and safety standards.
  • Support project officers and program managers for carrying out and/or supervising task and resource planning over time, according to the objectives which have been set.
  • Monitor the development of current programs (progress, suitability and effectiveness) and suggest modifications to WASH advisor
  • Support the teams on site, by regularly visiting intervention sites planned with the WASH advisor, pre-empting problems and listening to the teams
  • Together with the WASH advisor, be involved in the review and follow up of the different operational/technical  follow up/monitoring.

Strategic orientation

  • The WASH Technical Assistant takes part to the development and implementation of Solidarités International technical strategy in the country.
  • To participate in preparation of methodology and reporting formats as specified in the Tool Box to ensure timely and high quality information analysis and recommendation
  • To provide technical advice during concept notes and proposal exercise.

Knowledge management and capacity building

  • Reporting and archiving:
  • To ensure that technical documents are complete and regularly updated with periodic reporting and monitoring information, together with analysis and recommendations and communications.
  • Review the activity sheets linked to the task and expertise.
  • Participate to the Validation of technical expertise report.
  • Training
  • Plan and organize required technical trainings/workshops for the field teams and other related staffs.

Communication / Representation

  • Report back to his/her line Manager before, any additional information related to activities or any event that may affect Solidarités International activities and security.
  • Produce a weekly plan to manager regarding activities progress and upcoming targets according to formats,
  • Coordinate with field representatives in accordance with management guidelines.
  • Coordinate with support team (Logistic and Administration) as well as field team involved on the program.
  • Represent the organization when asked and/or delegated to do so
  • In conjunction with the line manager, establish and maintain a communication network and good relations with local/government authorities, UN agencies and other international agencies
  • Ensure with the line manager that SI is represented at all meetings, technical working groups or forums concerning activities
  • Follow SI rules (logistics & administration) in order to arrange and conduct field missions in different SI bases and field of intervention
  • Have and promote a good behavior on the field as Solidarites International employee.

Personal abilities:

  • Educational background: Higher National Diploma (HND) or Bachelor of Science in electrical/mechanical engineering.
  • Professional experience: minimum 2 year of experience in similar position (NGO/Private or Public sector).
  • Languages: English, Hausa.
  • Personal qualities: detail oriented, autonomy, dynamic, reliable, good organization, multi-tasking, team player.

Technical competences:

  • Training: Solar panel design, installation; operation and maintenance of generator, motor pumps etc.
  • Project related skills: Proficient in MS office (word, excel, power-point, outlook), report writing, engineering software (AutoCAD).
  • Proven experience (certification) with Solar panel systems.


WATSAN Team Leader

Job Type: Full Time
Qualification: BA/BSc/HND
Experience: 5 years
Location: Monguno, (Borno State) with movements inside the state

Probationary Period: 1 months

Contract Duration: 6 months, subject to renewal upon available donor funding.


The WATSAN Team Leader will coordinate a team of Water and Sanitation foremen in order to set up the Water and Sanitation activities, ensuring that Solidarités International technical recommendations and procedures are followed.

Main Task :

Setting up the activities /control and supervision:

  • Plan the weekly activities for his/her team and have them approved by his/her Line manager:
  • Plan human resources needs (daily workers, workers…)
  • plan tool and material needs (request from stock)
  • anticipate administrative issues (requests in advance)
  • Anticipate logistics issues (transport, communication means…)
  • Organize and carry out, with his/her team, tasks assigned by his/her Line manager
  • Supervise and monitor each stage of activity. Ensure that standards and instructions given by his/her Line manager, as well as Solidarités procedures, are followed
  • Respect schedules and deadlines agreed upon with his/her Line manager
  • Report back any problems and constraints encountered during the course of the activities and suggest operational solution.

Logistics and Administration :

  • When recruiting daily workers, follow procedures and directives outlined by his/her Line manager and the administrative service.
  • Train his/her team members to use and maintain the available tools correctly
  • Track usage with monitoring tools provided
  • Enforce safety procedures
  • Ensure that safety procedures are followed by members of his/her team
  • Monitor the quality and quantity of material delivered to working sites
  • Ensure the receipt and storage of material and equipment necessary for his/her work to be carried out on site.
  • Reporting / communication :
  • Take part in weekly program meetings and clusters on request
  • Keep his/her monitoring tools and files archived in the Solidarités office, accessible to his/her Team Leader and/or line manager
  • Draw up and submit a weekly task report (which should include progress made by the team) to his/her line manager
  • Take part in the drafting of the monthly program pack
  • Establish and maintain good relations with local participants and communities (populations) in the operational fields
  • Listen to the populations and local participants in the field and report to his/her line manager any non-technical or safety-related issues which could affect the activities or safety of Solidarités International teams.

Personal abilities :

    • Professional experience: 5 year of experience in similar position (NGO/Private or Public sector)
    • Languages: English, Kanuri, Haussa, Shua (additional languages a plus)
  • Personal qualities: reliable, honest, very good organization, resistance to stress, good interpersonal skills (communication), team player, capacity to delegate and to manage, initiative and autonomy, capacity of prioritsation of tasks.

Technical competences :

Training: University degree in Water and Sanitation or Environmental or Public Health Engineering/Water Resources Development or in one of the Civil Engineering disciplines of Water Supply and/or Hydrology) or Sanitation/Hygiene Engineering.

  • Relevant experience on deep borehole drilling and development will be highly appreciated
    • Project related skills : good knowledge of the project cycle, project implementation, project follow-up and reporting.
  • IT skills: Good knowledge of Office software : Excel, Word, Outlook, design, Autocad, GIS, data collection and analysis software a plus
  • Management related skills

Method of Application

Interested candidates should apply by email with CV and suitability statement as a single attachment to  OR in hardcopy to Solidarités International office at: No 8 Manassa Street, Behind Polo ground, Maiduguri, Borno State. Attention: Sojib Ashfaqur, WASH ADVISOR.

All applications should be submitted not later than Wednesday, 30th August 2017. Solidarites International is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to achieving gender balance within the organization.

Email Submission: The subject of the email should be the POSITION TITLE/LOCATION and the CV/Cover Letter should be saved in the applicant’s full name.

Hardcopy Submission: The title of the related position must be written on the envelope.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

NOTE: Shortlisting will start as soon as we start receiving applications and deadline might be changed without prior notice.

Deadline: 30th August, 2017