How to write a thank you note.

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This post was compiled by Iyke. I. Augustine 

When an interview is over, it is appropriate to send a thank you note or letter to the person(s) who interviewed you. This shows some form of courtesy.
A thank you note provides an opportunity for you to show forth your expectations and positive anticipations in correlation with your abilities that makes you the right candidate for that position.

After the interview, be sure to get a business card or contacts from everyone involved in the interview or orientation processes so you can send a thank you note. Depending on the level of formality between you and the interviewers you can send a thank you note by e-mail or postal mail.
Write or type your note on a blank card or a high quality paper.

In your thank you note, thank each interviewer for the time spent meeting and speaking with them. Include at least one positive unique experience that occurred during the interview and then end with short conclusion.

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Reasons for sending a thank you note. 

  • It shows professionalism 
  • It shows appreciation for the opportunity to be interviewed 
  • It reminds them of you. 
  • It affirms your interest and motivation to get the job.  

Here’s a sample of a thank you note. 
                                                                                       No 2, Ebeh Street, 
                                                                                       New Benin City, 
                                                                                       Edo State 
                                                                                       April 25th, 2017 
7up Plc, 
10, Akpawa Road, 
Benin City 
Dear Mr James, 

I so much enjoyed and felt so delighted having the opportunity to meet you and know more about 7up Plc. recently. I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions I asked. Your facility impress me. 
As ————I am very interested in sales manager positioned you advertised. I have more than 5 years of experience as ———-.Enclosed is a copy of my resume which I should give you a broader picture of my sales and supervisory experience. 
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Sincerely, John Osifo.  


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