How to be number one in any job Interview

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This post was compiled by Iyke. I. Augustine 

Your level of  preparation  for job interview will determine the height of your performance. 
Good preparation engenders good performance. 
You will definitely be the hottest candidate the interviewer would want to give an arm to have. This chapter is going to assist you raise your game, skyrocket you and make you number one (1) 
What is an Interview? 
The term interview can be defined as an under-rated executive executive meeting between a recruiter and job seeker to determine if the job seeker is right for the job and also in some cases to agree on how much salary is to be paid per month. An interview is what you gain when you pass an aptitude test. A good number of people get so tensed before or during an interview; This is not really good as tension can jeopardize your chances of being successful and by extension and by extension monumental mistakes could be made that can cause you loose out on your job. 
Employers of all sorts now need people who have characteristics and potential that cannot be represented by mere job skills Employers need people with more important and meaningful qualities like: 
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Self reliance
  • Unshakable dependability  
  • Passion 
  • Curiosity 
  • Belief 
  • Integrity
  • Vision 
  • Innovation 
  • Ethics 
  • Commitment to efficiency and 
  • Awareness of the wider world   

Interview Mistakes you must not make: 
  • Confusing an interview with an interrogation: No matter how unfriendly the interviewer may seem, he does not want to be seen as an interrogator; he would rather be seen as a friend
  • Failure to ask questions: 
  • This simply indicates gross unseriousness and lack of interest in the job 
  • Researching the company but not yourself 
  • Leaving your cell phone on 
  • Not sending a “thank you” note 
  • Grammatical blunders – always use words and tenses you’re conversant with 
  • Failure to listen to question 
  • Answering questions that were not asked  
  • Beating about the bush or rigmaroling when answering questions; not going straight to the point 
  • Criticizing a former colleague or boss 
  • Providing over bloated or unnecessary information
  • Bringing personal and domestic matters into the conversation when you’re not told too do so 
  • Telling stories about why you changed job.
  • Having unnecessary tension while answering questions    

How to influence the interviewer to your favour: 
I must severely warn you that as much as the interviewer may want to be seen as a friend, he/she would do  everything within his or her reach and every trick in the book to make sure you fail as a result of his deep resolve to determine if you are the right candidate for the post/job you applied for. 
Your aim is not to allow him succeed. The only way you can accomplish this is to influence and colonize the interviewer’s mind by putting up a first class performance on the day of the interview.
Let us now see some things that the interviewer would be looking forward to from the very second you step into the interview hall. 
These things includes: 
  • A positive disposition 
  • A cheerful disposition 
  • A smart disposition 
  • A confident disposition
The interviewer will also be looking forward to a result oriented, target oriented, efficiency and economy minded person. 
There are more the the interviewer would be looking for as a criteria in determining whether you are successful and the right candidate for the job or not. 
These things includes:

Your Hair:  For men, keep it as low as possible. It gives you that much desired panache. 
For women, just keep it simple and neat. Avoid bright-coloured hair dos, an interview is not a carnival. 
Dressing: For both men and women, wear suits unless told otherwise. Women should avoid wearing trouser suits. Skirt suits are preferable. Interview colours are black, grey, and navy blue. A situation where you do not have suits, do not borrow over sized or undersized suits; always borrow normal suits  
Perfume: If you must wear perfumes, avoid harsh or pungent fragrance. Use mild and friendly ones. 

You might not believe this but the kind of fragrance you wear can cause you lose a job. 
Shoes: Your shoes must match your attire. Black shoes are highly recommendable. Avoid bright-coloured ones like red, green, pink, etc. these are not office colours.  
Punctuality: It is advisable to be punctual for the sake of soaking pressure or in case the venue has been changed. 
Your Entrance: You entrance to the interview hall or room is very vital. Open the door and shut gently behind you. Walk with confidence, show no arrogance but more importantly show no fear. 

Note that when you make a mistake by shutting the door in-front of you, it practically shows that you are not conscious of your safety. 
When you walk too fast, it shows that you are under pressure and when you walk so slow to the interview room, it means that you are afraid. So walk majestically and confidently

Sitting: Do not slouch on a chair, sit upright, be relaxed but properly supported. Females should avoid crossing their legs as this can be a let off any day. Also, do not sit unless you are told to do so. 
In case after few seconds you are not asked to sit down, you can make an offer by asking “may I sit down?”
Composure: Have a good presence of mind, do not be under pressure, BE IN CONTROL! 

If you follow all these hints above, you would have laid the foundation of being in control of the interviewer’s mind. Nevertheless, in order to be in full control and win the ultimate prize, you need to be impressive in the area of answering and asking questions. 
Remember to be brief and straight to the point when answering any interview question. 


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