How to apply for a job when there’s no advertisement


Many people do not really know that they can actually apply for a job even when the company has not posted any job advertisement.
Today, we’ll see how it can be done.

Applying for a job when there’s no advertisement requires just a letter of enquiry. 
A letter of enquiry is a type of cover letter but with a different functionality.

This letter is highly recommended for those going on Industrial Training.
Job seekers also need it because it’ll increase their chances of getting their dream job.

How to write a letter of enquiry

Writing a letter of enquiry demands the same rule and similar pattern as the cover letter.

RecommendedHow to write a cover letter

      Sample of letter of enquiry

Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle
No. 50 Surulere road,
Lagos state.

The manager,
Guaranty Trust Bank,
Lagos state.

Dear Sir,


I am Mr. Adekunle Ciroma, I’m writing to enquire if there’s any vacant position in your firm.

I can work with little or no supervision . I have a very good moral up-bringing and I’m highly proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.

I have two years working experience in Computer programming.
I have worked at Union Bank PLC as a System supervisor.
Enclosed is my résumé for full details.
I request for the opportunity to be interviewed for this position as I already know my abilities.

Yours Faithfully,

This works perfectly for you do not know whether the company is about laying off any unserious worker or probably a worker just got a new job and is about quitting the one he/she is doing in that firm.

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